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ATF Forklift

Distributors of ATF Forklifts

ATF Forklift was originally founded by a senior engineer with vast experience in the forklift industry. There are more than 100 manufacturers of forklifts in China today and the quality varies between different manufacturers. ATF forklift is dedicated to manufacturing the perfect forklift for your needs and is a leading professional manufacturer of quality forklifts in China. The following features set ATF forklifts apart from the competition: ATF’s unique forklift design is available from 2tons to 4tons, including diesel and LPG/GAS forklifts.

ATF Forklifts use imported Japanese original Mitsubishi S4S or ISUZU C240 engines which sharply reduce the concentration of black smoke and noise whilst at the same time also delivering high power and low energy consumption.

A removable side cover makes inspection and repairs easy.

The mast uses strong reinforcing plates to ensure safety and efficiency of cargo handling.

Fuses, relays and other electric elements are integrated into a control box, which makes maintenance and inspection work more convenient.

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