With 40 years of Forklift Hire and Sales experience and know-how we offer a few tips here on the reasons why you might consider renting versus buying a new or refurbished forklift.

1. You have the opportunity to rent before buying a vehicle to assess its suitability to your requirements….
2. Manufacturers produce forklifts tailored to specific industries and all-purpose models too. So it can be prudent to rent forklifts to get feedback from your team as to which manufacturer, make and model is preferred.
3. The flexibility of short or long hire gives a business options.
4. Renting doesn’t require large cash outlays. If your Return-on-Investment calculations are not favorable then renting is a perfect alternative.
5. Tax treatment – renting is an operating cost rather than an asset purchase
6. Use it and return it – no worries about where to house the forklift in-between jobs or outlay annual vehicle insurance fees.
7. No maintenance costs, as this is the responsibility of the hiring party.
8. You can focus on specific projects in context to operator training and OHS compliance.
9. Time saving easy ordering and return process.
10. Keep your business operating when your owned vehicle is out for repair.
11. No hassles. Quick phone call away for dedicated customer care when you need help

12 . 24/7 Service and parts back up, exactly when you need it !  at

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