Heavy-duty forklifts are necessary when conditions on a worksite are too much for regular trucks to handle. This includes uneven ground, extreme weather conditions, and heavier-than-average loads. We list some of the heavy-duty forklifts in our range that you can hire (or buy) for your fleet.


This workhorse has automatic transmission, a two stage mast, and a 16 tonne lift capacity. Yale brands itself a company whose machines improve productivity and make driver safety a priority.

The GDP model is low maintenance and has an intercooling system in its engine. It’s a heavy-duty forklift that drivers can easily use to load and unload containers and heavy pallets in one shift.


Liftking has worked in the industry for four decades so they know what makes a reliable heavy-duty forklift. Besides the logistics and warehousing sectors, they’re known for making speciality machines for the military.

The Liftking heavy-duty forklift is built to withstand tough conditions, like muddy and uneven ground. Although their size and lift capacity (7000 – 9000kg) is considerable the M series is driver friendly. There’s 360 degree visibility, high-end temperature control, and comfortable seating.


The LK50C is a container handler that can lift over 20 tonnes with relative ease. This addition to the delivery yard will boost productivity significantly.

Hyster has been around for decades and with that comes a level of trust. They make everything from simple pallet jacks to tow tractors.

Their heavy-duty forklift range is designed to be tough but user-friendly. The cabin is soundproof and high ergonomic standards make it comfortable to operate. There’s also a promise of ‘ease of service’ so it can get back to work faster.


SMV machines are manufactured by Konecrane in Scandinavia. They make heavy-duty equipment big and small, from regular forklift trucks to cranes.

Their heavy-duty container handler is an excellent option for when your crew operates in a height-restricted area. This model gives you enough lift to operate effectively without the driver having to worry about causing damage. The container spreader also offers versatility in terms of positioning, with inverted forks, standard drop, and gantry.