The narrow aisle forklift isn’t a new addition to the market, but it’s an underestimated asset. The latest addition touted to make an impact in the logistics world is the VNA forklift (very narrow aisle). Below we list the five benefits adding a narrow aisle forklift to your fleet will bring you.


  • It increases productivity

It’s common to leave the more difficult tasks until later, no matter what industry you work in. But when you have the right tools, efficiency and output goes through the roof! The narrow aisle forklift models can easily navigate spaces as little as 1.6 metres wide. More picking and more packing is done in less time!


  • Ergonomical

Very narrow aisle forklift models don’t sacrifice driver comfort for the sake of size. There’s still comfortable seating and controls that they’ll find easy to use, not much different from a regular forklift.


  • …and economical

Less moving parts and near zero emissions for electric models means that hiring a very narrow aisle forklift will save managers and companies in the long run. Because you’re leasing it from a vendor, you have access to our maintenance network when the forklifts need tuning. The narrow aisle forklift is a specialised model and you need someone who knows their stuff.


  • The floorspace

When you add narrow aisle forklift models to your warehouse fleet, you can move shelves closer together. This is great if you want to add more stock to the warehouse floor, or implement other storage solutions.


  • Safety

People are just as important as the machines in the warehouse; nobody else is going to drive them. Nothing else will get the work done, either! Train the employees in the warehouse or have them attend a workshop on how to manage a narrow aisle forklift. You’re managing new and existing risks when you’re training staff and making it policy to use the new equipment. That’s two birds with one stone!