You might’ve played with them as a kid, and your own children might do the same now. Articulated dump trucks are fun toys in the playground, but in the real world they’re an invaluable tool on mining and construction sites.


  • Toyota created a real life Tonka truck

In early 2017, Toyota celebrated Tonka’s 70th birthday with a present both young and old loved. The company created a real-life Tonka ‘truck’ by combining a HiLux ute with the company’s colours and logo.



  • The world’s biggest dump truck carries A LOT of weight

The equivalent of seven loaded and fuelled Airbus a320-200 planes, to be exact. The BelAZ 75710 works at a coal mine in Siberia. It’s the mother of all dump trucks, with the size and load capacity to match. It has one diesel and four electric engines to keep it powered.


  • An articulated dump truck can cut costs

Why make several trips when an articulated dump truck can do it all in one? They can withstand conditions, rain and shine, that other means of materials transport can’t.

Hiring a dump truck is also much more cost effective than sinking your budget into actually buying one. You just lease it for as long as you need before returning the vendor. Maintenance costs are also cheaper; the vendor will have the contacts to get help to you ASAP if there’s a problem.


  • Forklift Finder Services can source your truck

If we don’t have something in stock that suits your needs, we have the network to source it for you. Forklift Finder Services has provided articulated dump trucks, container handlers and aisle masters to our customers for over 35 years. Brands we can source include:

  • CAT
  • Toyota
  • Crown
  • Hyster

And more…


  • The Uromac Lacertis is an articulated dump truck and more

Forklift Finder is the sole distributor of Uromac in Australia, something we say with our heads held high. Uromac is a Spanish operator specialising in heavy duty operations vehicles, and the Lacertis is one of their most innovative products to date. The chassis is capable of changing from an articulated dump truck to a concrete mixer with just one trip to the garage.