We have lots of amazing forklifts at our disposal; so many that some clients don’t know where to start looking. We’ve listed some of the top 5 you need to know about, if you don’t already.


Lots of research and development went into this series of forklifts TEU’s forklifts are manufactured in China and shipped out to countries like Ireland, Spain and Japan. The have a range of electric, LPG and diesel forklifts that can take on most warehouse jobs, from narrow aisle forklifts to pallet trucks.



We like the Uromac because of its versatility. The Lacertis model is particularly special. The articulated tipper allows drivers to shift 9 tonnes of debris from the worksite at any one time.

The chassis of the Lacertis allows it to turn into any new machine. Clients can simply send the Lacertis to the shop for it to be converted to a brushcutter and a concrete mixer.

Liftking forklifts are made of the tough stuff developers need on site. Liftking all terrain forklifts, manufactured in North America, are even trusted by the military because they can handle rough conditions like mud and uneven ground with ease.


Little, powerful and user-friendly. This little guy can lift over 1 tonne of stock and runs on an electric motor. That means less noise and more work because the internal parts last longer.


People who work in the aircraft/general transport industry know the value of a towing tractor, and Toyota certainly delivers. The tractor can haul over 3 tonnes of cargo but the controls aren’t complicated to operate, thanks to commercial-style steering and transmission.