Cheap, used forklifts are great for business owners because they save money on purchase. But some people outside the industry don’t see it that way, turning their nose up at the positive points. “What if it’s faulty? There must be something wrong with it” are possible responses. Cheap doesn’t have to feel like a dirty word, though. Sometimes it’s quite the opposite.


You can still find a product by the brand you want without it costing the earth. Cheap, used forklifts are usually  a couple of years old, and sometimes aren’t much different from the ‘new’ models. A used machine can be fitted with the same attachments as a new one, has the same functions, and is just as reliable (otherwise nobody would have used it in the first place).


You can rent (or buy) two used forklifts for the same price as a new one. Every company director and project manager is looking for ways to stretch their dollars further. Cheap, used forklifts are low on price but high on quality. Signing a lease on two, five-year-old electric forklifts can save you fifty percent on the regular retail price. Plus, putting down money on a couple of machines will boost your workforce’s productivity. You can strike down two birds with one stone!


Machines that have a few years on them are cheaper to maintain. Technology is great, but not when it bumps up servicing costs. Less bells and whistles means more money for something else. It’s even better if you’re renting the forklift, the vendor will have mechanics who know the ins and outs of particular models. When the forklift needs a service or repairs, help is just a call away.


Cheap, used forklifts have a number of perks that are often overlooked. This is because, to the untrained ear, cheap and used don’t always translate to reliable. To those who own a warehouse or are in charge of managing a large project, however, less money means a higher return on investment. They can get two for less than the price of one, double work output, and save on repair costs.