To make sure your operations run smoothly, your tools of the trade must be sharp. You can’t cut through work with blunt instruments. Forklifts and other heavy-duty equipment need proper care. We’ve compiled a few tips to keep your machines running.


Use the right fuel

You wouldn’t eat junk food for breakfast, so why would you put unleaded petrol in a forklift? Machines on work sites use diesel engines and filling them up with the wrong fuel spells disaster. It leads to general unbalance, leading to a breakdown in the middle of operation.  


Cover up

At the end of the day, put the toys away. Busy warehouses don’t need an extra collision hazard. Space is usually set aside for machinery in the warehouse or on a dock. This also means better efficiency because everything is in its place. When one worker finishes their shift, they’ll know where to go to get the forklift.

Covering up will protect the machines against the elements. Heavy equipment isn’t cheap to fix or replace so extra care is needed when a storm is forecast. Rusty joints or water on exposed wiring isn’t desirable.


Train the operators

Drivers are required to hold a licence in the first place but extra training is always a good idea. This includes going over the equipment to reading the operator’s manual. Keeping on top of the skills of your employees fulfills duty of care requirements because you’re preventing accidents and other health risks.


Lessen the load

The specs say one thing but reality dictates another. Just because a forklift has a two thousand kilo capacity, that’s not an invitation to load it up with that exact amount. Doing this constantly will put unnecessary pressure on the hydraulics. When these go, it takes the “lift” out of “forklift”.


Check up

The same way you go to the doctor, heavy-duty machines need a once-over occasionally. This is ideal after an especially long or busy shift. If you’ve rented the forklift, the rental company can send a qualified inspector who knows the brand’s systems. They will do a detailed survey and tell you if everything is fine to operate.