Does your business need a brand-new forklift? And indeed, in the current parts shortages and backorder nightmares on all sorts of capital equipment, and vehicles of all kinds, can you actually get one? Or would a used one work just as well?

When to Buy a Used Forklift

As a general rule, it makes economic sense to buy a used forklift, particularly if it will be used less than four hours a day in a single-shift operation. Brand new and shiny is very appealing, but sometimes the price tag and the wait time are not. Productivity starts now, don’t lose that contract, supplier or employee, because you are under-tooled, and at the mercy of Supply Chain Issues.

Choose your used forklift carefully from a trustworthy seller who has been around a long time, with a good reputation. Buying used equipment from an individual or at Auction is risky. They may have little interest in your business long-term, whereas a company has a reputation to maintain.

Choose a company that really understands your application

Our job is to help you to hire or buy the right machine. Our experience saves you time and money. Whether you are buying a CONTAINER HANDLER for portside use, a HEAVY-LIFT or ALL-TERRAIN FORKLIFT for a transport business, farm or timber yard or a SMALL ELECTRIC FORKLIFT, after a lifetime of experience, we understand your needs for power, capacity, tyres, available area and lift heights.

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