You’ll hit some speed bumps on the job, like full waste bins and an excess amount of pallets to shift. You’ll be surprised to know you don’t need to hire a new machine to deal with these tasks. Forklift attachments will do the job in the same amount of time (or less).


Spreader bar

Long and wide loads aren’t safe to transport on the normal bars of a forklift. The spreader bar attachment solves that problem in no time. Simply slip on the spreader and proceed to stack your load as you normally would. Extra-wide loads include tubing, roofing materials, long timber and anything else that can’t be cut down to size.

Double pallet handler

Don’t you HATE making those return trips? The double pallet handler forklift attachment is what you need. This is a hydraulic mount with a shift function so a mechanic is the best person to install it.

Bin tipper

Forklift drivers and other workers in the manufacturing and agricultural industries will find this useful. Industrial bins easily weigh a tonne when full. Normal human muscle won’t shift the load. A bin tipper forklift attachment is an effective way to move the refuse quickly. More rubbished removed without the muscle strain is a win-win!


Drum lifter

Drums are tricky to load on a regular pallet. They’re an OH&S hazard regardless empty or full. A drum lifter or clamp is specially designed to lift drums weighing hundreds of kilograms. It also affords the driver a good field of vision.

Dirt bucket

This forklift attachment is perfect for loading up the dump truck! Workers in gardening, agriculture, and even those doing some landscaping will find this very handy.


Picking cages

These cages are designed for use over short periods of time. It’s perfect for a tag team, picker and forklift driver, to use so quick tasks can get done around the warehouse.

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