A forklift licence for some is literally a ticket to a job. You can’t operate without one on the warehouse floor. But this is common knowledge and now you’re asking; how do I get a forklift licence?


Well the first step if finding a training centre that specialises in materials handling. They’ll have forklift licensing courses that go for one or two days. Each course provider will have different prices for one reason or another, but sometimes cheapest isn’t the way to go. When you’re researching courses, look to make sure:


  • The course providers are qualified
  • They’ve got a variety of courses available
  • There’s not a large resit fee in case you must retake the test
  • The training is nationally recognised


‘A variety of courses’? You mean there’s more than one?


Yes, there’s a few you can take. On the Queensland Government website, they list a forklift licence (FL) and high-risk operating licence (OL), both under the high risk work category (HRW). You need an OL when driving an order picker; this machine lifts you off the ground in a basket and you must wear safety gear.


After choosing an RTO and enrolling in the course, there’s two parts you must take. You’ll sit both theory and practical assessments on the day. One day courses are better for those who already have a license but need a refresher. Beginners attend the two day courses to learn the basics and get acquainted with the machines. In the courses you learn:


  • How to operate and maintain a forklift
  • Be mindful of hazards and take steps to prevent them
  • Learn to communicate effectively


You’ll also need to bring some forms and proof of ID with you, available on the Queensland Transport website.


Before you sit the test, hit the books and study any forklift instruction manuals you can find. This will help you tackle the theoretical side of the exam. The practical assessment is held on site in an environment similar to a warehouse.

Getting your forklift licence makes you employable in many industries, though you’ll find the most work in materials handling and logistics. You’ll have the ability to drive most of the forklift that we provide to our clients. Visit the Queensland Transport website for more advice about licensing and how to enrol in a course.