BT Turret Truck 1.5 (1500 kgs) Narrow Aisle Battery Electric Sit Down Rider Reach ( manufactured by Toyota) is based on the class-leading BT Reflex reach truck.

For operations in very narrow aisles, a Turret head load handler is designed for wire or rail guidance, allowing fast, but safe working.

Specifications ;
• 1500 kg Capacity
• 7 metre Lift height
• Battery – just 18 months old
• Side Loading
• Carriage spins left or right
• TLC, Transitional Lift Control
• 360° steering
• Car pedal layout with Automatic parking brake
• Simultaneous hydraulic control
• Single function levers or multi-function control
• Heavy duty drive unit and gear box
• Smart truck with telematics hardware

Benefits ;

• Transitional Lift Control (TLC) for smooth load lifting and lowering at maximum speed
• Smart truck: easy to connect, monitor & improve.
• Turret-head fork design, which requires less aisle-width and allows high-speed lateral pallet handling.
• Ergonomic driver compartment
• Fully adjustable chair, controls and arm supports.
• Assists the driver in reaching the correct pallet location, improves safety, accuracy and productivity.
• Assists the driver to help avoid mistakes such as lifting too high or driving too fast in restricted zones.
• Total view concept