Forklift maintenance is a given when you buy or lease a machine. To keep the gears, the engine, and the crew working, you need to make a habit of performing regular maintenance. Or at least make it a mandatory requirement of every forklift driver’s day.



Forklift maintenance ensures the machines are safe to use. Before the beginning of each shift, drivers must check over their machines and tick items off their list. They must look at:

  • Oil: does it need any topping up? Are there any leaks?
  • Tires: checking the general condition, making sure there’s no cracks or deflation
  • Fluid levels: transmission, hydraulic and brake
  • Battery levels
  • Engine belts

Doing a daily inspection is the first step to preventing workplace-related accidents, some of them potentially fatal.


Routine work

There’s different types of maintenance work that companies must have on rotation. This way their fleet is in working order. Managers must order maintenance for:

  • General upkeep
  • Preventing problems
  • Lubricating gears and engines

Machines are durable, but they’ll last longer with proper care. Besides daily inspections before a shift, make time for monthly, quarterly, and annual visits from the maintenance man. Only professionals should handle big jobs like tyre changes and switching out gas bottles on LP-powered machines.

Keeping the machines clean will make forklift maintenance a lot easier for both drivers and professionals. Hosing down the forklifts with water, similar to a car wash, is all it takes for a good clean.


Savings across the board

Think about the insurance and legal costs you could face in the event that something goes wrong. Regular forklift maintenance will prevent problems before they have the chance to start.

You’ll also save money when you lease the forklift, because you’re paying for maintenance costs with the lease. Plus, you’ll have the vendor’s network of forklift mechanics to draw from come inspection time. Some machines are quite specialised and need someone specially trained to take care of them.