In the leadup to Christmas, shops are decorating their stores in festive cheer. Tinsel, trees and hanging decorations deck the halls, ready for shoppers to enjoy. Behind every shop, though, is a warehouse full of stock preparing deliveries. And it’s this team that’s under the pump. From full-time staff to the forklifts, here’s some ways your warehouse can keep up with demand.



  • Look at the numbers from the previous year

Last year’s mistakes guarantee they won’t happen again this year. Profits, losses, delivery teams and other sort of list must get reviewed and set as a ‘benchmark’.

It’s towards the end of the year, or any other major event, that activity surges. The amount of orders that warehouses receive will double, sometimes triple, in number. It’s up to the suppliers to move up the deadlines to prevent disappointment because orders aren’t able to get filled. Looking at figures from the previous year and the amount of ‘early orders’ received give your warehouse a forecast on how much you need to order.

Go over the numbers to see where you need to improve


  • Hire extra staff

A few months prior to the Christmas rush, it’s time to start crafting those ‘help wanted’ signs and to ask recruiters to put the feelers out. Temporary and part time staff are invaluable when it comes to filling extra orders.

Warehouse clerks, pickers and forklift drivers are the top three positions that require extra hands during the holiday season. Warehouse directors will need to sort out training and shift requirements well before any new hires come in. That means there’s no clashes, and everyone is reasonably content at work.



  • Lease a few extra machines

You need to have a few extra workhorses to keep up with demand. It’s better to hire, rather than buy, the likes of pallet trucks, some telescopic lifters and a few extra forklifts.

Second-hand machines do the job just as well as the new machines, plus it’s more likely experienced drivers will know how to use the older models. Most of the machines will be working indoors, making it wiser to invest in LPG and electric models.There’s lower gas emissions and noise that makes these models more user-friendly.

You need some extra forklifts to keep up with demand


  • Create a rewards system

Everyone likes to have their hard work recognised, so make an in-house rewards system or a competition. Staff events every fortnight, to keep spirits up during all the hard work, is a great way to keep up morale when tensions in the face of oncoming deadline are running high.

Happy staff are good workers