Your warehouse has survived the Christmas onslaught, congratulations! The workers are taking some time to recover and your forklift fleet is tucked up in its bays. When the New Year comes around, though, you can make some goals to make the next year easier.



  • Swap models

The forklift fleet you have right now is built to last but old models get, well, old. The tyres crack. The axles and gears wear down.

You can speak to vendors like us about leasing new or used forklifts for your warehouse. Electrical models are slowly, but surely taking over the warehouse floor. They’re environmentally friendly, have less moving parts, and are easier for the driver to operate thanks to less noise pollution.



  • Review staff numbers

How efficiently did you run during the festive season, or just over the year in general? Every warehouse should have a mix of permanent, part-time, and casual workers on the roster to cover shifts. If somebody calls in sick, was there another person to take their place? On the other hand, did you overestimate how many workers you needed?

Staff numbers on the desks are just as important as the numbers on the floor. Administration, payroll, and management make the warehouse run just as much as any other position.



  • Make programs

Keep the staff who perform well, that’s just good sense. But they won’t stay if you keep them in the same position forever. Lots of employees want to move up in their respective worlds. The forklift driver might become the warehouse manager one day. It’s worthwhile investigating courses that employees can complete through an RTO, but also get credit on the job.

To keep all staff focused and happy, invest in  ‘off-days’. The warehouse is a melting-pot of stories and cultures. Why not have a day or an afternoon dedicated to celebrating it? Set time aside or make a lunch event where workers can bring in cuisine from their family backgrounds to enjoy.



  • Improve KPIs

When the staff are happy the targets won’t only be met, they’ll be smashed. One way to see where you went wrong is to look at staff complaints. From forklift performance to people, this feedback will show management what’s stopping the targets from getting met.

You can improve your KPIs and meet targets when you:

  • Update your automated systems and software
  • Maintain your forklift fleet regularly
  • Make sure items are where they should be on the shelves

(get more tips in this blog)


Safety first

How many incident reports did the office get last year? How many staff needed to claim workplace cover or take leave because of injuries?

Warehouse environments can be incredibly dangerous if the right measures aren’t put in place against accidents. Workers will need time off for muscle strain or similar injuries. Prevention is the best weapon against this so invest time in brushing staff up on OH&S procedures. Even something as simple as pairing a new worker with a veteran staff member to show them the ropes is a great place to start.


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