If you bought a forklift for every small lifting job, you might not have enough money left for your next project. These days people can rent anything, from laptops to a pallet truck or a container lifter.


Buyers keepers

Buying a forklift is a commitment; you should know first if the model is right for you before adding a large expense to your accounts. Because big companies don’t need the same machine for every job, finding one (or five) to rent is the alternative.



Companies will hire forklifts for short term projects. One example is a reality show; renovation shows like The Block, House Rules, and Grand Designs will hire project managers who in turn hire forklifts. These may only get used for a few short months, or even only a few days, at a time. Where does the heavy machinery park when the project is over? Because the project manager has hired the forklifts and other equipment, it’ll go back to the rental company when the allocated time is up.

Stadiums and tour companies will also rent equipment. When tours come to town they can’t bring the heavy machines with them! They’ll hire what they need locally instead.

Large scale building projects will rent forklifts, pallet trucks, and some all-terrain equipment. Big projects include shopping centres and large towers like offices and apartment complexes. Forklifts are only needed for the groundwork. Once that’s complete, the rental company takes them back.


Companies will rent forklifts, pallet trucks, and other machines because they aren’t needed all of the time. They’re only needed for as long as the project lasts. When a building is finished or someone has finally finished moving house, they can’t park the forklift in the garage. Renting takes away that pressure of committing to one machine for a long-term period.


Photo credit: SlinkyDragon via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND