Your Shipping Container has a Long Load ? 

How about this effective alternative – Forklift Unpack Jib Unloading

Steel, timber and poly are usually stored length ways for transport in shipping containers to minimise weather damage and maximise use of space. In theory this is efficient, but it may be challenging to unpack log loads haphazardly packed.

Unloading manually

Unloading containers manually containers can take hours, resulting in expensive labour costs, and this cost has often not been factored in to the product cost.

And then, there is Safety ..

If workers must work in shipping containers to unload product that hasn’t been stored correctly; the load can shift or fall, potentially injuring workers. A recent Sydney shipping container accident resulted in two deaths and one serious injury.

Hiring a Crane ?

Another way to unload such product is to use a crane, unloading with the boom length. Although effective, this can be a costly exercise and you will be charged for travel time as well as product unloading.

An effective alternative – Forklift Unpack Jib Unloading

Consider using a forklift truck with an ‘forklift unpack jib’ attachment, which allows the operator to lift and move the long shipper container load safely and efficiently, without the down time costs of a mobile crane, or the costs and risks of doing it by hand. These jibs are engineered, designed and load tested to Australian Standards, and are rated to a specific load length and capacity, custom manufactured for each job.

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