You are in charge of a project and time is of the essence. You need to sign contracts and source equipment, but there lies the dilemma; rent or buy? Forklifts are an essential machine for heavy lifting and carrying goods around the work site. However, that doesn’t mean you should sink all of your budget into one. Here are some reasons why renting a forklift is more sensible.


1 – “Try before you buy” mindset

When you make a purchase you’re investing in it; so what happens if it doesn’t meet your expectations? This is a forklift, not a suit that didn’t fit and return policies are slightly more complicated. With rentals, if the product isn’t meeting your expectations (especially when there are deadlines to meet) it’s easy to swap the machine. There are always second choices to fall back on.


2 – Save costs on repairs

When a car battery dies, it’s up to the owner to have it replaced. Same if you blow a tyre. Fixing heavy duty machinery is tricky if you don’t have somebody on call. This is where the rental company comes in. They’re held responsible for their product to work the way it’s advertised and will readily have spare parts available. Sourcing a mechanic isn’t a problem either since they’ll have staff on call who are familiar with the machines and will repair them quickly.


3 – You can use the latest models  

When an iPhone goes on sale, there are just as many people buying the previous model because they can’t afford the newest release. This principle can be applied to any situation. So you can’t afford the latest model from Caterpillar outright? You can rent it. The difference in the money you save, you can spend elsewhere. Lunch anyone?