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Uromac 4WD Forklift

Australia’s Only UROMAC Distributor - Pacific, Southern Asia, NZ, PNG and Indonesia.

Forklift Finder Services was granted exclusive rights as a certified UROMAC dealer for Australia and nearby areas. We offer a range of new forklifts for sale, for rent, or as part of our innovative Rent 2 Buy program. Whatever your industry and whatever your needs, UROMAC and the Forklift Finder have a solution for you.

The UROMAC Difference

UROMAC 4X4 vehicles are built specifically for the rail, mining, agriculture, warehousing and freight sectors and boast more than 70 years of experience in design and manufacturing. UROMAC creates diesel forklifts that are known for their robust design and low maintenance costs. A Spanish manufacturer, UROMAC is globally distributed in 100 countries. UROMAC has been approved by NATO, and offers superior quality, while maintaining an operational efficiency with long term reliability.

New Diesel Forklift Models Available

DTH – 2500


The DTH 2500 has a 2500kg capacity  600mm load centre and a 3.6 metre lift triple stage mast. This hydrostatic diesel forklift is perfect for the larger jobs. Still compact at just 1.2m high, the DTH 2500 has optimum operational efficiency with a Deutz 3 cylinder 35.8kw engine capable of up to 18km/h. With permanent 4 x 4 traction, it has 38% soil and 50% tarmac grade-ability. It’s easy to get around narrow access areas, with an interior turning circle of just 1.7m. This mighty forklift is perfect for the mining, construction, forestry, road-rail, or agriculture industries.

Forklift Finder Services Options

When you buy or rent a diesel, LPG, or electric forklift from us, you receive a vehicle that’s ready to go. No waiting periods, no extra hassle. Forklift Finder Services offers new or used forklifts for sale, plus a wide stock of rental forklifts. Check out our used forklift page for a huge selection of electric and LGP forklifts. Rent, Buy, or Rent 2 Buy one of our European forklifts for a great price in Queensland. Forklift Finder Services will help you find the perfect machine fit for purpose based on your industry needs.

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