Warehouse managers and supervisors; how often do you review workplace performance and output? Monthly? Annually? What tasks keep you late at the office when you really should be at home? Do these tasks today for peace of mind tomorrow.


Declutter your office space

If your office is a mess then you’ll have a hard time concentrating. Hop on the tidiness bandwagon and get organised! As a warehouse manager, you’re responsible for lots of tasks. Having enough space to think, literally, gives you the breathing room you need to make important decisions.

You’ve heard the saying ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. Those memos from 2015 on your pinboard? Get rid of them, it’s not 2015 anymore. Old papers, cards and the like can get fed to the shredder. By the end of it, not only will you have more desk space, but a clearer mind. HuffPost has some useful tips on how to declutter.

Messy office = messy mind

Make a set schedule

You’re the warehouse manager and the employees follow your lead. If your daily routine is a mess, theirs will suffer too.

On both your computer and physical calendars, set up times for meetings and reminders for tasks. This way you’re ticking off the daily items on your list and tending to the needs of your staff.


Do a warehouse performance audit

Warehouses have KPIs to meet and it’s preferable to have a low backorder rate. This means less stress on you and the staff, and the satisfaction of meeting targets.

Sit down with other senior members of the warehouse staff and look at the performance over the past year. How much money was spent on forklift maintenance? Was there a high backorder rate? Did you meet targets under budget?

Here’s an article listing ways to measure warehouse productivity.


Review your workplace culture

People spend the majority of their time at work. When they have teammates who support them, laugh with them, and make them look forward to showing up each day, everyone’s happy.

Bullying in the workplace is unacceptable, no ifs or buts. Incidents like harassment and bullying must be taken seriously. Review the past year and check, has there been any incidents?


Look into training options for everyone

Be the warehouse manager who invests in their staff. They’ll be happier and stay for longer. The added bonus of training your people is that you can promote in-house, rather than finding someone new and training them in your systems. Do a little research into RTOs that your company can partner with before the day is out.


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