The challenge of deciding whether to rent or buy heavy duty machinery is tricky. There’s a question of money (if it’s worth spending), time (will it get used enough) and efficiency (will it really be useful?). Following on from Three Reasons to Rent a Forklift, here are three reasons to buy one.


1 – Workplace Health and Safety

Heavy lifting is great if you have a couple of extra arm muscles but some loads you should leave alone. Machines are replaceable but people aren’t. Pallet movers and small forklifts transport heavy loads easily. In 2015 over 30% of OH&S incidents were attributed to “muscular stress” (Safe Work Australia Report 2015).


2 – Ease of operations

Working in a big warehouse or on a large work site means that materials are expected in certain places on time very day. Humans can only go so fast! Forklifts will lighten the load both time and man-power wise. This also counts for when items are stacked on higher shelves out of reach.


3 – Money spent vs time used

Every job and workplace is different. If the machines you require get used one or two hours a day, it’s better to rent. In a sector, like logistics, where heavy moving and stacking is done all day and every day, buying is more advisable.


Renting and buying both have benefits. However, buying is advisable in a workplace where heavy loads get handled daily. Workers will do their jobs faster and better and there’s little risk of injury thanks to having access to the right equipment. If what you buy is getting used most of the day instead of a small part of it, then buying a forklift is worth the investment.