WHO MAKES BETTER PRODUCTS – CHINA OR JAPAN? Both China and Japan are huge manufacturing countries; however, while one relies on bulk manufacturing, the latter has created an image of quality craftsmanship for its products. As a result, given a choice, people across the world tend to prefer products made in Japan. Japanese have a sense of diligence, patience, creativeness and preciseness, and have a culture of seeking continuous improvement ( Kaizen).

Japan witnessed this quality revolution in the early 1950s when an inability to export in turn led to an inability to earn foreign exchange. Thus an entire evolution in product quality became essential for Japanese industries, and the standard is still rigorously maintained. So when we have an original machine built in Japan, we know it’s a quality forklift, reliable and great value for money.

Meet the HYSTER H1.75 BX Counterbalanced LPG Powered Forklift. Interestingly, whilst 2.5 tonne is a popular capacity segment in Australia, most loads sit around 1.3 to 1.5 tonnes, so for a low operating footprint, you can have a well-designed, extremely cost-effective battery-powered warehouse workhorse.

NOMINAL CAPACITY: 1,750kg Rated 1540KG @ 600mm Load Centre

MAX LIFT: 4230mm “Wide Vision“ 2 stage mast




FORKS: 1070mm

TYRES: Solid

PRICE: $8,850 + gst Serviced Ready

DELIVERY: Ex Enoggera